by Max Royle ~ St. Augustine Beach City Manager

The City’s budget year began on October 1, 2020 and will end on September 30, 2021. To stay informed about significant projects and purchases during the year, the City Commission asked the staff to prepare a report each quarter. Here is the second quarterly update.
1. COMPLETED: Computer network server for various City departments, $25,000 appropriated.
2. COMPLETED: Computer network server for Police Department, $25,000 appropriated.
3. Lease of three vehicles for Police Department, $150,000 appropriated. Vehicles have been ordered.
4. Twenty mobile data terminals for police vehicles, $60,000 appropriated. Prologic ITS’s bid of $36,950 was approved on March 3rd on the condition that the new terminals can be connected to the City’s and the County’s networks. The connection issue was not yet been resolved.
5. Ocean Hammock Park improvements, $250,000 appropriated, $131,500 of which will come from two grants. The design for Phase 2A (restrooms, picnic areas, handicap parking space and information kiosk) is complete and when permits have been obtained construction will begin by mid-July 2021. Improvements to the park’s interior area are in the design phase with construction anticipated in 2022. The City will apply for a grant to pay for them.
6. Lakeside Park wooden walkway repairs, $30,000 appropriated. The project will be bid in the spring of 2121 with construction to follow.
7. PARTIALLY COMPLETED. Street resurfacing, $290,00 appropriated. Repaving of Mickler Boulevard between Pope Road and 16th Street has been done with the reminder of Mickler Boulevard to A Street and Tides End Drive (Sea Grove subdivision) to be done in the spring of 2021. For the repaving of Oceanside Circle in the Linda Mar subdivision, the design and permitting of drainage improvements must be completed before the resurfacing phase can done.
8. Repair of 11th Street stormwater pipe, $90,000 appropriated. Project currently in design stage. Construction will be done in the early summer, 2021.
9. Drainage improvements in various areas of the City, $25,000 appropriated. Project underway.
10. Vulnerability assessment and resiliency study, $55,000 appropriated. Money is from a grant. Phases 1 and 2 have been completed. Phase 3 will be done in late April. The report will be presented to the City Commission at its May 3rd meeting.
11. Ocean Walk subdivision drainage improvements, $100,000 appropriated for preliminary design and permitting. Three engineering firms responded to the City’s Request for Qualifications. A screening committee recommended the firm of Matthews Design Group of St. Augustine. At its March 1st meeting, the City Commission authorized a contract with Matthews for $33,870. Preliminary design work has started and will be completed in the summer of 2021.
12. Bypass/dewatering pump for stormwater management, $55,000 appropriated. City is waiting for approval by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
13. COMPLETED: Additional pumps for stormwater management, $18,000 appropriated. A pump has been purchased and is available for deployment as needed to mitigate flooding in areas of the City.
14. Mizell Pond weir replacement. Bids have been received and will be presented to the Commission at its April 5th meeting. Sawgrass Inc. of Jacksonville was the lowest bidder at $2,793,000. The total cost of the project is estimated at $2,892,500. Seventy-five percent of the construction cost will be funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The St. Johns River Water Management District will provide a grant of $632,000. The City will be pay $91,055, or about 3.1% of the total construction cost. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2021.
In July 2021, the third quarter report (April through June) will be prepared.