This Update covers St. Augustine Beach City Commission’s continuation meeting and two workshops in May, as well as the June 7, 2021, regular meeting.

On May 18th, the Commission held a workshop with members of the Comprehensive Planning and Zoning Board and the Sustainable and Environmental Planning Advisory Committee. The topics discussed included an ordinance to change residential building setbacks and to abolish the overlay district along A1A Beach Boulevard; to give more authority to the Planning Board to make decisions concerning conditional use permits; and communications/relations between the Commission and the two boards.

On May 24th, the Commission met to decide matters remaining on the agenda from its May 3rd meeting when time for that meeting expired at 10 p.m. and to hold a workshop. The actions were:

1, Approved a contract with Florida Power and Light to convert certain streetlights along A1A Beach Boulevard from high pressure sodium to LED (light emitting diode) lights.

2. Reviewed information from City staff about public parking areas and have the Planning Board provide a prioritized list of parking improvements.

3. Approved on first reading two ordinances, each to vacate an alley in the Coquina Gables subdivision.

For the workshop, the Commission discussed the pickup of household waste and recyclables, and whether City crews should provide the service in 2022. At this time, a private company picks up both household waste and recyclables.

On June 7, 2021, the Commission held its regular meeting and took the following actions:

1, Approved a fee for the owners of the lots adjacent to 2nd Street west of 2nd Avenue to pay to construct that street.

2. Approved on final reading two ordinances, each to vacate an alley in the Coquina Gables subdivision.

3. Approved on final reading an ordinance to reduce residential building setbacks and to abolish the overlay district along A1A Beach Boulevard.

4. Approved a resolution to declare as surplus certain items of City property and to authorize their disposal.

5. Approved on first reading an ordinance to add an addition to prohibited uses listed in the Land Development Regulations.

6. Discussed converting public meeting areas in City buildings to office use for City employees because of City staff growth and other changes since the buildings were constructed in 2000.

7. Approved the preparation of an ordinance to delete from the City Code obsolete provisions concerning the Police Department.

8. Approved an interlocal agreement with St. Johns County for beach services.

9. Approved four resolutions to adopt changes to the City’s Personnel Manual.

10. Reviewed the long-range financial report prepared by the Finance Director, Ms. Patty Douylliez.

11. Discussed an object representing the City to be included in the time capsule that the County is putting together for its 200th anniversary celebration on July 21, 2021.

12. Discussed shortening the agendas for Commission meetings; when to hold the continuation of regular meetings that are not completed by the 10 p.m. deadline; changing the time and day when the Commission’s regular meeting is held; and setting dates and times for certain upcoming Commission meetings in July and August.

13. Approved two amendments to CMT, the City’s civil engineering consultant, for engineering services for the 11th Street pavement project and the paving of Oceanside Circle in the Linda Mar subdivision.

The City Commission’s next regular meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, at 6 p.m. in the Commission meeting room at city hall, 2200 A1A South. The public is invited to attend or may view the meeting on the City’s website at