by: Diane Vespucci Senior Broker Associate REMAX 100

You wouldn’t head to a job interview without making sure you looked great, so why would you put your home on the market looking any less than its best?

One of the biggest mistakes home sellers make is failing to make sure their property makes a great first impression.

Here are three ways to spruce up for a sale:

Paint: It’s the single least expensive option – and please paint neutral colors. Shades of light gray are popular now and light beige is also good. Any light color in fact. Stay away from strong colors unless you’re a professional decorator or have the advice of one. You would think people can imagine how paint can change a room; a large percentage can’t, so change your home from “that house with the purple bedroom” to a sale.

Clear the clutter: Start packing, maybe even before you list your home, but certainly before the listing photos are taken. Less is better. Yes, I know you have to live there, but you’re moving. Choose a room – the garage, a bedroom or corner of a room and put your packed boxes there. Boxes are forgiven far easier than lots of stuff . Again, someone has to see themselves living there, and I can attest that about half of everyone who sees a home will not be able to envision anything but what they see. Let’s make it easy for them to see themselves and their furniture in that space.

Fix, repair, and replace: I’m often with customers who talk about how they want $10K off the asking price for an old air conditioner, $10K more for paint and new carpet. Little things also throw them off and they imagine the cost of replacement much higher than it actually is most times. Th e little things do add up so replace broken screens and windows, repair gutters, install new toilet seats, replace worn carpets, fi x broken faucets, leaks. You get the idea. Don’t do huge projects without some serious input by your Realtor. You can also double check by searching the Internet for how much you may recoup for each large project you tackle. Many times you won’t get all your money back at sale time, but don’t let that stop you if it’s important to the sale. Some projects may make sense, others don’t. Make sure you understand which is which.

I’m happy to help. If you want to know how to sell your home faster, please send me an email or give me a call, or call your own Realtor. We’re professionals and we’re here to help you.