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Pie in the Sky Community Alliance, Inc. celebrates 10 years The grassroots nonprofit is now tackling senior hunger

Local nonprofit organization, Pie in the Sky Community Alliance, INC., will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary this August. The organization’s mission is to connect seniors with resources and facilitate long-term solutions that affect the lives of the elderly, the poor, the historically under served, and the disenfranchised people of our community.

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Civic Association welcomes new board member

by: Bill Jones ~ St. Augustine Beach Civic Association In response to discussions and action by both City and County Commissioners, The Board of Directors of the St Augustine Beach Civic Association are urging elected officials...

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Whole lot of talking going on

by: Fr. Nicholas A. Marziani, Jr., D.Min ~ Pastor Emeritus, St. James Church I recently came across an interesting quote, don’t remember the source, but it went something like this: “Words are mesmerizing – even when they have...

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Time for a second essay about the responses to the recent resident survey. It had several questions concerning paid parking. The one I’ll concentrate on here is “What solution(s) do you have to solve/alleviate the parking issues in the City?”

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Buying a newly built home?

by: Diane Vespucci ~ Re/Max Realty Find a great Realtor. So many of my articles start out this way, I know, but it’s so helpful to you and when you’re buying, its free advice and knowledge. It’s important to remember that a...

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Never, EVER pay with gift cards

Over the past few years we have seen a large increase in scams where a person on the phone demands payment in the form of Gift Cards. No matter who they say they are with, if they request that payment be made in the form of gift cards, they are a scammer. PERIOD, End of Story.

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