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Password Cornucopia

In my business, it is unusual that a client has all of their passwords documented, up to date, and handy. Typically, the client and I spend about 20% of the time on a service call figuring out or resetting passwords.

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Driver Update Utilities … Who Needs Them?

by: Steven Aldrich ~ First Coast Computer Services You have probably seen the ads on TV or received advertising email for some sort of Driver Update Utility. They make claims of “Automating” the process of making sure your...

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I want my REFUND!

By: Steven Aldrich ~ First Coast Computer Services As I wrote this article, 3 clients called to say that they have fallen prey to a refund scam. They got an email or a phone call that promised a refund, and that they should call...

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Last Line of Defense

Author: Steven Aldrich, First Coast Computer Services In this last month I have seen an upswing in fraudulent “tech support” scams. One client asked me “Why doesn’t Apple stop these guys from using their Logo and scamming me?” I...

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Thinking about switching to a Macintosh?

Customers are asking about switching to Macintosh with increasing regularity. They might have heard that there are not as many viruses, or they are tired of dealing with Windows update issues. Some are considering an Apple product because their children or grandchildren use are Mac users and have suggested that they make the switch.

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