by: Bill Jones ~ St. Augustine Beach Civic Association

In response to discussions and action by both City and County Commissioners, The Board of Directors of the St Augustine Beach Civic Association are urging elected officials to make the tough decisions that go with the office.

We’ve got elected officials that have run for office on the promise of not raising taxes. And from a literal point of view, they have done just that.

Our elected officials continue to use terms like “user fees”, “paid parking” and “special assessments”. In reality those are indeed taxes. Politicians seem to these terms give them political cover as they seek reelection.

The County now has a 15.5 million dollar surplus and they are still looking at implementing paid parking at select locations. In the City we are watching closely as the budget process continues. After hearing the the term special assessment, Civic Association Treasurer Frank Ward was quick to point out that “this is a regressive tax”. It charges every property owner in the City the same amount meaning that someone in a home worth $250K would pay the same amount as a homeowner in a million dollar home.

The Civic Association has passed a resolution calling for the efficient operation of local government and urging both City and County Commissioners to stop with the addition of taxes in disguise (fees or assessments). As Mr. Ward so eloquently stated in our Board meeting, “our Commissioners should raise the millage if needed and take responsibility for that decision instead of playing semantics”.

Music by the Sea runs the gamut in August

We start the month of August with the band Str8-Up this band plays a grea mix of old and new dance music including R and B, Disco and more. Week 2 features the talented Elizabeth Roth and The Grapes of Roth. Catch the Groove, a very talented Jazz Band joins us on August 21st and we wrap up the month country style as we welcome JT from Country 106.3 Radio and the band Southern Chaos!

Our fund raising efforts continue as we endeavor to keep Music by the Sea alive in 2020 and beyond. You can participate in our 50/50 Raffle each week at the concerts or visit our website to make a gift to our Annual Fund. All money raised goes to fund our events (music by the Sea, Surf Illumination and Taste of the Beach) and no donations to fund are use for any administrative costs. And remember our group is run entirely by volunteers. Please consider joining SABCA today – visit our website at and click on Membership. You may also pick a membership card at Tim’s Wine Market in Sea Grove or at The Sunshine Shop on the Boulevard.