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Recalibrating . . . Again

We had to do it last year, right after Matthew. And now we’re having another go-around, post-Irma. Some would just call it “adjustment” to the circumstances. I prefer the word “recalibrate”; it better resonates with my engineering background.

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PBS’s Antiques Roadshow Appraiser Nicholas Dawes to give Appraisal Demonstration and Lecture

November 3rd and 4th, 2017, St. Augustine, Florida: The Lightner Museum welcomes Mr. Nicholas Dawes, antiquarian and antiques appraiser from PBS’s popular television program, Antiques Roadshow. Mr. Dawes will host two events during his visit to St. Augustine. The events are part of Lightner Museum’s fall programming schedule, which seeks to highlight the Dressing Downton™exhibition.

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Lorna MacDonald Receives 2017 Gus Craig Award

Lorna MacDonald, owner of Raintree Restaurant in St. Augustine, has been awarded the 20th Annual Gus Craig Award by the Salvation Army of St. Augustine. The award will be presented on Thursday, September 28, 2017 at a dinner inside the Casa Monica Hotel.

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Religious News for September 2016

Folks (like me) who came of age in 1960s, and more especially the generation before us, had a pretty good idea what a chaplain was and what he (nearly always “he” back then) did. Certainly the “Greatest Generation” of WWII...

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Ask the Mayor

Q: Pope Road and 16th Street are patched and seem to need paving badly what plans are there to pave? A: Pope road& 16th Street are under the jurisdiction of the County. I did drive these two roads and they do need attention...

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