by: Holly Guyton ~ Defining Moments

I came here to St. Augustine six years ago after living abroad for 16 years. Along with raising my amazing son, I was looking for meaningful work to do and truly found my passion in Defining Moments.

You see, I lost my mom 20 years ago and have always had regrets about not having something to look back on. I regret not being able to see her warm face and hear her comforting words speaking to me and telling her story, my story and important anecdotes about our family… I didn’t want others to face this same remorse, so I partnered with an amazingly talented documentary videographer, Aslyn Baringer, to create highly personal videos for north-Florida families.

We make it easy, affordable and actually FUN to record those valuable memories to keep for a lifetime and hand down to future generations. In fact, in the span of a two-hour, in-home interview, you’ll be well on your way to creating something lasting, unique and literally priceless.

I hope you won’t wait, like I did, as we can never get those precious moments back… For more information, please visit