by: Diane Vespucci ~ Re/Max 100 Realty

Throughout the year, I’m often reminded of the Kennedy inauguration quote, taken from Luke 12.48:

“For those to whom much is given, much is required”

As a Realtor, I believe we have a responsibility to the community we work in; a responsibility and the honor of being able to give back. That sense of responsibility comes easily to me. As the eldest daughter of four children, the other three younger, I had to babysit while my parents worked. Responsibility became a chore at an early age, in many ways, but I never realized responsibility gave gifts in return until I became older. The more responsibility I took on, like earning money for my first car or paying for my own college education thru waitressing, the more experience I gained. In hindsight, I was blessed with parents who taught me what responsibility meant.

The same has been true of my career in real estate in St Augustine. I began my career in late 2005, as the market was beginning its slide toward the crash. The business isn’t simple to learn. I worked very hard to survive that first year or two, while longer-serving Realtors left the business. I had to ask myself what did I do best – what did I like doing best in all of my careers? Did I want to stay in real estate? What could I do to be successful? The answer was simple and yet so big, that answer sustains me still every single day.

I decided to take my real estate career from merely a job to make money, to a position that was responsible for helping others. My training and education took on a different meaning, because I learned to provide information to help others, and the way I did business became about helping. Small sales, large sales didn’t matter; providing service did – and does. Being service-oriented in my business and community has provided me and my family with a good, decent living, and a life I am both grateful and blessed to have every single day. I have of the honor of helping those in my community and I give back, not only with my real estate work, but with community service – and it’s my pleasure to do it. And my responsibility. During this month of giving thanks, I am giving thanks to my community. Thank you for giving me, and my fellow Realtors, the honor and the responsibility of serving you. It is truly our pleasure.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!