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I’m Alive but I Hurt

by: Rob Stanborough, PT, DPT, MHSc, MTC, CMTPT, FAAOMPT October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s a time to celebrate with all the survivors and their families, remember those we have lost, raise awareness and fund...

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Does Your Face Hurt?

By: Rob Stanborough, PT, DPT, MHSc, MTC, CMTPT, FAAOMPT No, I’m not setting you up for a joke. In fact facial, jaw or neck pain is no laughing matter. Such pain can be debilitating and often is a result of a temporomandicular...

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Is There A Pebble In Your Shoe?

Author: Rob Stanborough, PT, DPT, MHSc, MTC, CMTPT, FAAOMPT Think about the number of hours our feet are used either to stand, walk, run or kick. We shove them in all kinds of footwear giving little thought to the mechanics of...

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Finding time to relax

by: ~ Rob Stanborough  PT, DPT, MHSc, MTC, CMTPT, FAAOMPT  First Coast Rehabilitation The National Sleep Foundation recently reported that worries are keeping one in ten Americans awake at night. With the holiday season, bills,...

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Good posture is one of the most fundamental yet frequently overlooked areas of preventative care of the body. Slouching and other forms of faulty posture force the body to function inefficiently and will lead to fatigue, muscular strain and eventually to pain and dysfunction.

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