by: Holly Guyton ~ Defining Moments

For many of us, the holidays can be a bit stressful thinking about what we can get for that special person who has everything.

So, we put it off, waiting for that “eureka moment” that will magically divulge the perfect gift for our loved ones. But, now it’s mid-December and we can stall no longer.

Let’s face it, another sweater, stuck in storage or, for that matter, re-gifted is certainly not a good way to start the new year.

So, let’s think outside the gift box… What do our loved one’s really value? Most of us will say we value family connection most of all, especially during the holiday season. But how can we capture that “feeling” in a meaningful gift?

Defining Moments – Family Legacy Videos can help.

They easily work with you to create a unique and personal video by interviewing you imparting stories about what’s important to your family.

Stories about the children’s upbringing, biographical history, feelings about kids and grandkids, holiday family traditions or valuable words of wisdom and advice are just a few ideas for interview topics. It’s a gift that truly serves a lasting purpose, is uniquely personal and is cherished by the family forever.

Now that’s a good way to start 2020!

To create a video for your family, schedule an appointment with Defining Moments – family legacy videos at, call 904 540 2426 or write to Holly at