by: Rich O’Brien ~ Former SAB City Commissioner

As many of you know I have served on the St. Augustine Beach City Commission since 2007.
My wife and I discussed my resigning from the Commission and agreed that when I felt it was the right time, to resign. I want to create more time for my wife, family, church and friends. We are blessed with several wonderful businesses and my real estate career is growing so I have resigned as a Commissioner.
My time on Planning and Zoning along with the City Commission spans 15 years and there have been many rewarding and challenging topics.
I have had the pleasure to meet many of our residents and business owners which was the best part of my tenure.
I also have worked with a great City staff who have been wonderful and caring.
It has been an honor to serve our City. I want to sincerely thank my wife Lauren for her support during the time I served the City.