Since moving to St. Augustine Beach in 2011, Chefs Marshall and Tasha Peters have been busy. They’ve been raising their son, Abryn, serving their community, and managing local restaurants.

In 2012, they opened By Design Catering, and they serve thousands of hand-prepared dishes for a wide variety of events and clients each year. To help other St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach residents manage their busy schedules, By Design Catering started delivering healthy, prepared meals directly to a small niche of their clientele in 2015.

Starting in April 2017, By Design Catering will off er chef prepared meals for delivery or pick-up at their storefront in the Lighthouse Plaza on Anastasia Island.

“By Design Catering’s chef prepared meals are a lifestyle partner, meant to keep busy people focused on eating healthy meals at home, instead of take-out. Our customers don’t have to read recipes, or dirty up dishes,” Tasha Peters said. “The process will be simple. The customers can order, pay, and choose delivery or pick-up right from their phones. Our clients know that using this service means they’ll have fresh, healthy meals ready to eat at the end of a busy day.”

Customers may order as few or as many meals as they like, without having to pay subscription fees. The fully-prepared items come ready-to-eat, or frozen for convenience, in reheatable packaging labeled with instructions.

Local chefs create gourmet pick up no fuss meal program
“Our customers know they are ordering local and eating food produced and packaged right here in St. Augustine,” Peters said. “The meals require no recipe studying, no cooking skills, no kitchen cleaning, and give precious time back to the customer.”

The prepared meal service is customizable. By Design Catering will tailor menus to the needs of their customers, accommodating for food allergies, dietary preferences, and even high-performance and athletic dietary needs. “We are here for our clients. We will know them by name and treat them like family,” Peters said.

Customers can sign up for By Design Catering’s menu newsletter to see the items available each week by visiting or emailing hello@bydesigncatering. com.