by ~ Liana Valla – VitalTherapy


Occupational Therapy (OT) works to improve life skills performance. Life skills, considered as a group, include areas like sleep and personal hygiene, home and financial management, school, work and leisure. Good performance in life skills requires focus, stress management and self-monitoring to get the various aspects of these living activities done in a timely, orderly way. OT enhances these performance measures.

Liana Valla, owner of VitalTherapy, is a licensed Occupational Therapist who shares her experience as a health care professional of 22 years with adults and children. Her unique skill set is directed toward best functional performance of the client. Specialized in integrative and complementary health care, she offers training in self-care techniques such as management of stress, pain, sleep, balance, disability as well as with Peak Performance. Her clinical approach is person-centered, focuses on individualized goals, and marks progress based equally on client report and objective measures of performance.

Services include: Therapeutic movement/taping/yoga, Relaxation training, Ergonomic consult, Adaptive education, Cognitive skills training, Children’s Yoga, Manual skills, Sensory Integration, NeuroRehab, Home Safety, Fall Prevention, Physical Agent Modalities and Neurofeedback. Liana Valla is a wife, a mother, and has devoted her professional OT career to helping others achieve the Optimum Wellness in their daily lives. She welcomes inquiries by phone, text or email without charge. Please visit VitalTherapy.Net for more info.