Whenever we visit galleries and beautifully decorated homes, we notice the art. Those pieces that are displayed well make a positive memorable impression. Also memorable are the pieces that are ruined by bad display. Expensive artwork framed in the wrong color, size, and style; and degraded by raggedy old materials.

An heirloom or treasured art piece deserves to be properly exhibited. A professional custom framer will collaborate with you to make your artwork stand out, to complement what is being framed rather than distracting from it.

St. Augustine Framing, owned by Dan Hubley, is known locally for high-quality custom framing. With over 2,000 frame corners to choose from, Dan will help narrow down the choices and show you the quality differences between matting, glass, and frame options. He considers preservation as well as aesthetics, and offers a range of price points.

The result? Your piece of art will shine.

To make your art look its best, Dan suggests:

  • Invest in materials. Museum-grade glass and matting will protect your investment art, and doesn’t cost much more than standard grade materials.
  • Choose a display that supports the artwork, not overwhelm it.
  • Spend time and check out different mats and frame corners. You might be surprised by trying something different. A classic gold ornate frame might enhance an impressionist painting better than a minimal floater frame, while a funky red frame could make a black and white photo sing.

Stop in St. Augustine Framing to talk about your art project. It’s located at 804D Anastasia Blvd., St. Augustine, FL, 904-429-9769.  To reach the shop online, see www.staugustineframing.com.