The Summer heat is coming to an end and the welcomed Fall weather has arrived. The heat,
wind and rainy hurricane season have brought chinch bugs, funguses, other pesky diseases,
and damaged landscape that can lead to stress and lost weekends of endless yard work. Don’t
forget homeowners insurance covers damages to your landscape as well as structures.

Good news, now is the time spruce up and beautify your yard. A fresh, new fall look is the
best way to show your holiday guests how beautiful and pristene your yard can be. Take back
your leisure time with expert design and installation of your landscape. Now is the time to
team up with a reliable lawn care and landscape company that can plan and install new
landscape that will look great in every season.

Once the new landscape design is installed, it is ideal to place a fresh 2-3 inch layer of mulch
to protect the roots from the pending winter cold. Plants that are not cold hardy can be
protected by a blanket of mulch to retain heat. Be sure to re-mulch in the late spring to keep
plants cooler in the hot summers. Not only does mulch provide a practical use, it can improve
the appearance of your yard. Pine straw is also a nice way to freshen up the look of your yard.
Don’t hesitate to call your locally owned and trusted lawn care and landscape team to help
meet your needs and bring your landscape to life.