by: Gaye Jones ~ AnnieMac Home Mortgage

There is nothing more satisfying than helping those that serve to own their own home! Over the years I have found that many veterans did not realize they could use their VA Entitlement more than once. They can also, in many instances, have more than one VA loan at a time.

The VA has a 2nd & 3rd tier program that allows the veteran to utilize their entitlement even if they currently have an outstanding VA loan.

The VA also revised their guidelines for student loan payment calculations effective November 4th of this year, which, in turn, has made qualifying easier for those veterans with large student loan debt.

VA Jumbo is also a great program for those that are purchasing in the higher price ranges. A veteran can purchase a home over the new conforming limits of $484,350 with limited down payment, competitive VA rates and no Mortgage Insurance! VA also has a great construction loan program for those that want to have a home built for them.

The old days of VA Loans being difficult to get approval or taking a long time to close are long gone! If the lender is VA approved and can do inhouse underwriting the process is as smooth and easy as a conventional or FHA loan

VA guidelines are more flexible, easier to qualify and rates are competitive. A loan with no mortgage insurance will increase the veterans buying power. If you are veteran, always check with an experienced lender regarding your eligibility for VA Loan so you know all your options.